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PMQ house at Cologny

Project Author(s)

Raphaël Nussbaumer Architectes
Office Profile
Zurich & Geneva

Project Info

Completion: 2006
Country: Switzerland
Type: Built Project
Category: Housing

Project Text

The site's main characteristic is its open view on the lake Geneva and the Jura mountains. The plot is divided by the house into two distinct parts, one with the entrance, the other with the garden facing the lake. The house is situated on the upper part of the plot, between two tall existing trees. The plot is made up of slopes and flat parts alternating down and parallel to the lake: each sector can easily have its specific use, and the plot as a whole can be viewed as an extension of the house.

On both floors, the indoor layout has been designed to enhance the view on the lake. The plan is organised according to parallel layers acting as so many filters offering different views on the landscape.

The house relies on the local microclimate for its supply of fresh air. Sun screen is ensured by sliding shutters inspired by the traditional mashrabiya one finds in oriental architecture. Contre-jour openings and plays of shadows between the eastern and western façades give a Mediterranean atmosphere to the rooms. On top of their main function –sun screen in the day, blinders at night - the sliding shutters are also architectural ornamental elements.

The building's exterior is almost entirely made of sheet elox aluminium, glass surfaces, and big sandblasted dyed concrete units. Because the bedrooms' façades on the first floor are load-bearing, the living room's space beneath is totally freed, and can thus fully benefit from facing the lake. The interior and exterior spaces are further linked up thanks to the landscape's reflection on the fixed furniture's gloss finish.


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